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The Malford Players’ will be featured on Christion Malford Community Radio this Friday the 3rd of July. We will be celebrating in advance the reopening of the pubs on 4th July with a collection of incredibly amusing comedy sketches. So join us at 8pm on 3rd July on the CMCR link for some music, humour and scintilating chat from your host John Coller and his special guest Sharon Hunt.

Memory Lane

We reached our 21st anniversary in 2008 and celebrated with a rendition of Shakespeare's Taming of the Shrew in the village Church. Although the frequency of our productions has reduced we still manage to do a pantomime every two years or so and a summer outdoor play by one of England's more celebrated playwrites every other year. Although we like to put on the occasional thriller our first love is comedy and this is a vein that we intend to continue.

Contact Us

Mother and daughter moment.

Anyone interested in joining the Malford Players should contact the current chairperson; membership is open to anyone who wishes to make some practical contribution to the Players, whether it be acting, set-building, directing or even organising the car park!
Please direct all general enquiries about the Players to the Chair who will be only too happy to pass on your query to the relevant person.

About Us

About the Malford Players
Founded in 1986, the Malford Players was originally made up of villagers who were interested in putting on light-hearted comedies and thrillers. Over the years, these have been interspersed with weightier offerings.
The Autumn 2001 production, Blinded by the Sun, is one of the more serious plays we have attempted.


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